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Ansden Technology Co., Ltd. "Internet of Everything Smart Life", To create world-class intelligent security products and services, achieve a safer and smarter society, let everyone live a better life. A Surprising Technology Company. Provide solutions for various scenarios of security smart homes, build technology development ranging from smart switches, hardware modules, software applications, to overall smart home systems, etc., and provide brand value to consumers who pursue high-tech products worldwide. High-tech products with beautiful design and good quality can make consumers' lives more convenient, easy and interesting, thus creating a smart, automated, and controllable lifestyle anytime, anywhere, which opens a new era of smart connected families!   Providing a variety of circuit board development and design solutions and the most innovative electronic components, it is the most trusted electronic circuit supplier. The company is committed to becoming China's most innovative global supplier of electronic components, smart home appliances, security electronics, and consumer electronics. Welcome To Our Company Ansden Partner
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Ansden Technology Co., Ltd. The most innovative global supplier of security smart home electronics products.

AI  Monitoring System Practice The Fire Eye And Automatically Recognizes High-altitude Parabolas
AI Monitoring System Practice The Fire Eye And Automatically Recognizes High-altitude Parabolas

According to traditional investigation methods, once a high-altitude parabolic incident occurs, it can only be investigated through manual visits and surveillance videos. If the time of the parabola is uncertain, the staff need to stare at the video frame to check, which takes a lot of time. To this end, the security company adopts artificial intelligence technology, using video and image analysis, and is using AI technology to solve this thorny social problem. Now, the security field has launched an AI solution for high-altitude parabolic trace ability and alarm. Many technology companies release AI security tactics High-altitude parabolic monitoring, because the target is generally larger and faster, and it is easily affected by harsh environments and complex backgrounds, such as haze, rain and snow, too strong light, and insufficient night lighting. In response to these problems, major technology companies have proposed corresponding solutions. How to support fog-permeable cameras? Under severe weather conditions with severe pollution and reduced visibility, high-definition videos can still be used to obtain key details and information, which has become a rebound strong evidence. Such as Hikvision Two smart cameras, responsible for the security of a building,Huawei Use smart algorithms to filter interference factors. Ansden  technology companies full HD AI recognition technology, use human body recognition, vehicle recognition, pet recognition, package recognition. Object recognition, artificial intelligence recognition algorithm, AI humanoid detection security cameras wireless intelligently distinguishes people, vehicles, and pets when analyzing the behavior of people, vehicles, and pets. The refined analysis results (pass, stop, or leave) are instantly turned to notify the application, track activities several miles away, and intelligently filter the redundant cloud send targeted push notifications. AI recognition smart Wifi camera application field, all content in the surveillance area is controlled; notification of pet activities, snapshots of cute moments; set storage items, and alarm immediately after moving; intelligent anti-theft alarm function with real-time notification function. > Can technology + law protect "security above the head"? Thanks to the above-mentioned artificial intelligence technology and algorithms, community managers can effectively trace the source after the event. These IP camera smart AI monitoring systems must also prevent everyone from shaking to a certain extent, thereby improving the residents' sense of security. However, high-altitude parabola is an extremely subdivided scene. There is almost no solution for 100% identification of all high-level parabolas, and the accurate identification of 90% and above is really excellent.

Apr 18, 2021
Low Power Consumption Wide Area IoT Moduleare Used in Multi Hop Mesh Topology
Low Power Consumption Wide Area IoT Moduleare Used in Multi Hop Mesh Topology

After the ZETA network is re-adjusted, it not only supports the typical star topology, but also supports Low Power Consumption Wide Area IoT Module to access through network element Mote. A tree-like multi-hop topology called "Mesh Access" is formed between the Motes, and the Mote is then connected to the AP. Compared with other LPWAN solutions, this networking method has the following advantages: • In the signal blind area that cannot be covered by the AP, it can be easily covered by network element Mote. • Network element Mote can extend the signal reach when only a few terminal devices need to connect to the network at a long distance. • All traffic connected to the AP is shunted, reducing the probability of collisions and increasing network capacity. • Network element Mote is a low-power device like the terminal, with a battery life of 3-5 years. Star topology The Mesh Access layer is optional. When the communication environment is good or the communication distance requirement is low, After removing the Mesh Access layer, the wireless network becomes a star topology. Single-hop mesh topology When the communication environment is not ideal, network element Mote needs to be supplemented at a suitable location to realize communication, forming a single-hop mesh topology. Multi-hop mesh topology A multi-hop connection can be formed between Motes to cope with a harsher communication environment or to achieve longer-distance communication, forming a multi-hop topology. Air interface resources are limited. Regardless of the communication protocol, it needs to balance bandwidth, speed, power consumption, channel utilization, data delay, capacity, cost, etc. Different scenarios require different communication protocols. Currently, four sets of protocols are introduced , Basically covering the typical vertical application scenarios of low-power wide-area IoT. P protocols: Low latency and low business traffic, mainly for local area networking. G protocols: Periodic report, no down, suitable for asset tracking, warehouse inventory. S protocols: Time-frequency resource multiplexing is adopted to reduce the probability of conflicts. It is suitable for large business traffic and is mainly for metropolitan area networking. Lite protocols: Designed specifically for lighting Internet of Things, with low latency from downstream to network element mote, including features such as inspection, heterogeneous networking, and asymmetric upstream and downstream.

Feb 05, 2021
This Time Apple Launched The 4399 AirPods Max Is It Worth The Money
This Time Apple Launched The 4399 AirPods Max Is It Worth The Money

A few days ago, Apple introduced the new wireless over-ear headphones AirPods Max. This headset with high-fidelity audio, adaptive equalizer, active noise reduction and spatial audio is priced at US$549 in the United States and 4399 yuan in China. Orders are now available on Apple's official website and Apple Store applications, and shipments will begin on December 15. It just caters to the Christmas holiday. In terms of color matching, AirPods Max offers five colors of space gray, silver, sky blue, green and pink. Pink is simply a Christmas gift harvester. The black technology of AirPods Max Apple's official information. This headset uses a "breathable knitted mesh" that spans the stainless steel headband to distribute weight and reduce overhead pressure. Acoustic engineering memory foam is used on the earmuffs. In terms of core sound quality, AirPods Max uses Apple’s self-designed 40mm dynamic driver. According to Apple, this unit can provide "rich, deep bass, accurate midrange, and clear and clean high frequency extension." This headset is characterized by Apple's H1 chip and computing audio. Each earmuff has three outward microphones to detect environmental noise, and a microphone in the earmuff can monitor the sound reaching the listener's ears. Then the data collected by these microphones is sent to the H1 chip for calculation, so as to achieve the effect of reducing noise. The H1 chip also provides an adaptive equalizer, active noise reduction, transparent mode and spatial audio for the headset. Using the gyroscope and accelerometer in AirPods Max and iPhone or iPad, H1 can track the movement of the user's head and the device, compare the movement data, and then remap the sound field to fix it on the device to ensure the user's sound field is consistent. In terms of calls, Apple designed beamforming microphones for AirPods Max’s Siri and voice calls, which can block ambient noise and focus on the user’s voice to improve clarity. AirPods Max also has built-in optical and position sensors, which can automatically detect when the headset is worn on someone's head. Once put on, AirPods Max will play audio, once removed, or when the user lifts an earmuff, the playback can be paused. It should be said that the functions provided by Apple's AirPods Max are unmatched by other HIFI headsets. Is AirPods Max worth it? Judging from the current news, AirPods Max is likely to be Goertek's foundry or provide the core audio technology. Compared with traditional HIFI headset manufacturers, the accumulation of audio may be insufficient. But this product itself is revolutionary. In terms of audio, digital and technology can do many things. A long, long time ago, there were digital calculations for various sound effects, but these things were on computers. Later, on the mobile phone, the chip is now powerful enough to be calculated on the headset. And now the sensors are cheap, and Apple uses enough microphones to collect data and realize calculations. This a...

Dec 21, 2020
The AI ​​Wave Has Spawned New Growth Points In The Market
The AI ​​Wave Has Spawned New Growth Points In The Market

Artificial intelligence (AI) chips are the key infrastructure supporting the development of artificial intelligence technology and industry, and have an important strategic position. At present, artificial intelligence technology and industry continue to develop at a high speed, and a technology industry ecology consisting of chips, data, development frameworks, algorithms, and applications has basically formed. The scale of the artificial intelligence chip industry is growing rapidly. The wave of artificial intelligence development has given birth to new growth points in the chip market. The artificial intelligence chip market maintains strong growth capabilities. According to IDC data, the global overall AI chip market reached US$4 billion in 2017. By 2022, the overall AI chip market size will be Reached 35.2 billion U.S. dollars, and the CAGR was greater than 55%. China’s artificial intelligence chip market is also developing well. According to the “China Artificial Intelligence Chip Industry Development White Paper” released by the research data agency CCID Consulting at the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, China’s AI chip market continued to maintain rapid growth in 2018. The market scale reached 8.008 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 50.2%. Affected by many favorable factors such as the macro policy environment, technological progress and upgrading, and the popularization of artificial intelligence applications, China's AI chip market will further mature. It is estimated that in the next 5 years, the scale of China's chip market will maintain a growth rate of 40%-50%. In 2024, the market will reach 78.5 billion. At present, artificial intelligence chip products mainly cover three areas: cloud training, cloud reasoning, and terminal reasoning. In the field of cloud training, model training needs to achieve high-performance, high-precision, and general computing capabilities. Nvidia has an absolute advantage in the cloud training market with its GPU industry ecology. Google and Intel develop ASIC chips to challenge; In the field of cloud reasoning, energy-efficient GPUs, FPGAs, and ASICs have become the layout schemes of various enterprises. Google, Intel, Xilinx and other manufacturers have laid out their plans, and the future market structure is undecided; In the field of terminal reasoning, chips need to meet the needs of differentiated scenarios such as low latency or low power consumption. There are many market segments. ASIC chips have gradually become the mainstream path. Image recognition and speech recognition are key application areas. Participants include not only Qualcomm, Intel , NVIDIA and other traditional chip giants, as well as new entrants such as Google, HiSilicon, Cambrian, and Horizon. AI chip application innovation is active, and a wider range of applications have been achieved in cloud computing, autonomous driving, smart security, smart phones and other fields, and the future market prospects are ...

Nov 09, 2020
Two Scientific And Technological Achievements Have Passed The Appraisal And Technological Innovation Has Yielded Great Results
Two Scientific And Technological Achievements Have Passed The Appraisal And Technological Innovation Has Yielded Great Results

On August 1, 2020, a scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting organized by Shenzhen Expert Hi-tech Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Shenzhen Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd. After questioning and discussion, the appraisal committee agreed that: Bomin Electronics"5G base station antenna integrated coupling printed board key The projects of "Technology and Products" and "Key Technologies and Products of Secondary Power Supply Printed Boards for 5G Communication Base Stations" are domestically advanced and agreed to pass the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements. Key technologies and products of 5G base station antenna integrated coupling printed board The technical field of the project and the technical problem to be solved This project belongs to the research and development of high-frequency printed board technology in the field of communication base stations. The most common and difficult problem in the 5G base station antenna calibration network is the difference in amplitude and phase consistency, which leads to problems such as difficulty in debugging and failure of signal detection. The technical solution adopted by the project to solve technical problems The coupling printed board of the 5G base station antenna calibration network, through DOE experimental design and simulation analysis, obtains the main influencing factors such as line length, coupling distance, and dielectric thickness that affect the phase and coupling degree. The main influencing factors are verified and specified Typesetting and pressing programs, dynamic etching compensation, vacuum etching, intelligent expansion and contraction control, etc., solve the problem of the consistency of amplitude and phase, and achieve a 64-port coupling degree of ±0.8dB, amplitude tolerance ≦ 0.6dB, phase tolerance ≦ 6° Goal, and systematically studied the effects of patch/surface roughness/materials on the amplitude and phase, and designed an integrated coupling board to achieve the effect of integrated, low-cost, lightweight calibration network in terms of cost saving. Key technologies and products of secondary power supply printed boards for 5G communication base stations The technical field of the project and the technical problem to be solved This project belongs to the research and development of high-multilayer thick copper coil plate technology in the field of base station power supply. Technical problems in the project: alignment and lamination of 14-layer high multilayer boards with a thin core board of 0.11mm and a copper thickness of 4OZ; the production of blind holes with a depth of 0.18mm; local metallization of holes and slots; coil detection methods; Process problems such as the production process of ultra-thick hole copper over 50 microns. The technical solution adopted by the project to solve technical problems The project adopts high-multilayer thick copper thin core board alignment and pressing technology, including the use of Pin needle ...

Aug 31, 2020
Shenzhen Achieves Full Coverage Of 5G Independent Networking And TakesThe Lead In Entering The 5G Era
Shenzhen Achieves Full Coverage Of 5G Independent Networking And TakesThe Lead In Entering The 5G Era

Shenzhen announces full coverage of 5G independent networking On August 17, at the press conference of "Lighting Up Shenzhen, the City of 5G Wisdom", Shenzhen Mayor Chen Rugui announced that Shenzhen had overfulfilled the goal of "building 45,000 5G base stations" ahead of schedule, becoming the first in the country to achieve Cities with full coverage of 5G independent networking are the first to enter the 5G era. It is understood that as of August 14, Shenzhen has built 46,480 5G base stations, and Shenzhen's 5G industry scale, 5G base station and terminal shipments rank first in the world. Chen Rugui said that in the future, Shenzhen will vigorously implement the "5G+" action, give full play to the innovative first-mover advantages of 5G backbone companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Tencent and the three major operators, and launch more 5G application scenarios, innovative formats and demonstration projects, and strive to build Global 5G benchmark cities. On the same day, Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping said at the press conference that 92 operators around the world are currently working together to deploy 5G commercial networks, with more than 100 million 5G users, and global 5G deployment will come to an end. In the next stage, the world will focus on the development of 5G industry applications and release 5G dividends. Shenzhen becomes the world's first 5G city 5G technology is the core technology of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. The 5G industry is one of the most promising industries in the future. 5G networks are the most important new infrastructure. 5G will accelerate the promotion of the interconnection of everything, the perception of everything, and everything intelligent. People are full of beautiful expectations for the changes in production and lifestyles and the innovation of social governance models brought about by 5G independent networking. At present, Shenzhen is the world leader in the total number of 5G standard essential patents, and the scale of the 5G industry and the shipments of 5G base stations and terminals are ranked first in the world. According to Jia Xingdong, Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shenzhen selected ten fields such as medical care, transportation, security, and police to carry out typical applications, and selected ten industry fields such as ultra-high-definition video and industrial Internet to carry out typical applications. The application demonstration effect is remarkable. Build Shenzhen into a global digital economy model Guo Ping pointed out that the current global 5G deployment will come to an end, and the focus of the next phase is to develop industry applications, release 5G dividends, and achieve 5G commercial success; the 3GPP R16 standard is officially frozen, which will further promote the development of 5G industry applications. "The commercial success of 5G is through the integration of connectivi...

Aug 19, 2020
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