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ANSDEN The Flagship Product Of Dolby Wireless Home Theater Everyone Should Have Their Own Cinema 5.1
Jul 26, 2020

Metal one-piece molding wood grain, texture, high-end, not taking up space, everyone deserves to have their own cinema 5.1. The flagship of Dolby wireless home theater, the surround feeling is amazing, split front/rear speakers, wireless heavy bass. This sense of presence is more open, and the details of every angle are better. The surround sound field track-type speaker wirelessly connected to the host is also independent frequency division, and also saves the trouble of wiring.

Dolby Wireless Home Theater

Long-stroke woofer, L-shaped guided acoustics, 40Hz heavy dive, clean and powerful, 6.5 inches 70W. Suspended design, atmosphere, more stand out. The front sound field of two groups of 3 speakers, 20-core silk film tweeter, independent frequency division. The sound quality has strong analytical power, great dynamics, and full sense of presence. Dual Ti power amplifier, good sound quality, comes from professional and powerful "core".

Cinema 5.1 Dolby Wireless Home Theater

3 channels of DSP audio processing, meticulously crafted, the cinema feel is even better. 5.8G anti-interference wireless, transmission is more stable, and the delay is as low as 20 milliseconds. Wireless heavy bass, placed at will. It's round shape and looks pretty everywhere.

Wireless Heavy Bass Home Theater

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