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Bluetooth Wireless Barbecue Meat Thermometer USB Fast Charging
August 11 , 2020

The Bluetooth barbecue thermometer probe is the first wireless barbecue probe to obtain a PCT patent, and it appears in the world for the first time with unique microelectronic technology and precision manufacturing technology. There are no longer traditional long probes and faulty probe sensors, especially suitable for enclosed Electric ovens, furnaces and other equipment.

Roasting Wireless Barbecue Meat Thermometer Probe

It can measure the temperature of food and stove/oven via iOS and Andriod's Bluetooth to grill perfect meat, which will replace traditional grill thermometers.

Bluetooth Wireless Barbecu Thermometer USB Charging

It is used for outdoor grilling, grilling food and roasting. It can preset the ripeness of nine kinds of food. It can be connected to two stainless steel heat probe sensors at most, and the smart phone can monitor four meat probes. The transmission distance exceeds 10M.

Wireless Barbecue Meat Thermometer With iOS

It can quickly charge USB in five minutes and work in four hours. The food temperature range is -40℃~85℃, and the oven temperature range is -40℃~275℃.

Bluetooth Wireless Barbecue Meat Thermometer Probe

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