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Classic And Outstanding Wooden Speakers
August 14 , 2020

All wooden sound, wireless bass, create a new level of technology. Excellent wooden speakers are increasingly scarce, and there are even fewer textures. KAL520-2 is a classic. Texture, high-end, does not take up space. With it, there is a world of difference at home.

Excellent Wooden 5.1 Wireless Home Theater

Another breakthrough in the subwoofer suit family movie. Audio needs to have culture and taste, KAL520-2 makes your choice simple. The treble is clear and transparent, the midrange is full and steady, and the bass is shocking.

Classic Wooden 5.1 Wireless Home Theater

Independent bass adjustment, adjust the bass intensity at will. The touch screen is intuitive and easy to use.

5.1 Wireless Home Theater Touch Screen

Metal integrated molding + wood grain back strip, a good sound that everyone can enjoy.

DSP Digital 5.1 Wireless Home Theater

Bluetooth 5.0, enjoy wireless connection with mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, TVs, etc. There is also a remote control with one-key direct access.

5.1 Wireless Home Theater Optical Fiber

There are 3 sound field modes for music, movie, and news, different scenes are more realistic.

Wireless Home Theater Modes For Movie

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