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Intimate Caring Smart Mirror
August 05 , 2020

Smart housekeeper, whatever you want. In addition to the password, you can also use "voice" to log in and say "Hello, Magic Mirror" on the magic mirror to log in to the account immediately. This is very convenient, and you don't have to worry about forgetting your password.

Voice Ecological Magic Mirror

A Intelligent Voice Control Ecological Smart Mirror, a multi-faceted life. When it is still, you can dress it up like a normal mirror. After waking up, he became a smart interactive center and a little assistant in family life.

Beauty Smart Mirror With Voice

13.3 Inch Touch Voice Ecological Smart Mirror, used for home dressing tables and beauty institutions. Enter beauty tutorials, virtual trials, skin management, smart skin beauty equipment aggregation, cloud platform data analysis, skin beauty e-commerce.

Beauty Smart Mirror With Touch

Ecological Smart Mirror Voice Control, used in residences, hotels and public places. Enter the intelligent bathroom control platform, schedule management, weather forecast, travel information management, real-time news and health services.

Bathroom Smart Voice Magic Mirror

The future of wisdom is within reach, and the mystery in the mirror is immediately triggered. The magic mirror experience, touch your fingertips, open thousands of worlds, and satisfy all your imagination about life.

Smart Beauty Mirror Android

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