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Lightweight And Compact Easy To Install Fingerprint Smart Door Lock
December 29 , 2020

Easy installation, easy to enjoy intelligent life

Ansden IML brushed smart door lock simple design, panel cutting technology makes the body lighter and thinner, which is widely used in indoor and outdoor door locks. You don't need to remove the original door lock and install the auxiliary lock directly, you can enjoy the convenience and speed brought by multiple intelligent unlocking methods, and bid farewell to the bondage of traditional keys.

Fingerprint Door Locks Keyless Entry

Using live biometric technology to make fingerprint recognition more rapid and safe

A fingerprint sensor is installed, which can recognize the temperature and capacitance of the human skin, and only react to live fingerprints. Fingerprints cannot be copied or imitated. You don’t need to worry about cracking methods in movies and TV shows. The fingerprint recognition speed is less than 0.2 seconds, and the unlocking is faster.

Easy Installation Smart Lock Price

The virtual password can effectively prevent prying, and no longer worry about leaking when the password is entered

Virtual password smart lock door, enter a few virtual passwords before and after the real password, as long as the real password is correct, you can unlock it. Effective anti-peep, anti-leakage, safe input anytime, anywhere.

Smart Fingerprint Lock 3 Proof Mortise

The smart door card allows every family member to enjoy quick unlocking

Parents can’t remember the password, and the fingerprint is broken and cannot be recognized? The child is too young to enter fingerprints and passwords? Just put the smart door card in the recognition area, and it can be easily unlocked. Easy to lock, pass your love and care to your family.

P3 Smart Fingerprint Door Lock Padlock

Voice synchronization prompt, easy to set up and operate

The real-time human voice prompt function throughout the operation process, warmly reminds you the operation steps, the setting operation is straightforward and simple, and the mood is relaxed and happy.

Fingerprint Biometric Smart Door Lock Suppliers

Can lock the door when you close it, no longer worry about forgetting to lock

Ansden smart door lock 3 proof mortise, has an automatic locking function, which automatically pops out the bolt after closing the door to complete the lock. Closing the door means locking the door, so you can go out with peace of mind and worry-free.

Virtual Password Smart Lock Door China

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