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LPWAN The Fastest Growing Sector In The Internet of Things
February 09 , 2021

It is predicted that the market size will exceed 24 billion U.S. dollars in 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 90%, and IoT connected devices will exceed 1 billion

LPWAN market, most IoT applications do not require large-bandwidth data transmission, low speed (<100kbps), IoT module artificial intelligence sensor terminals are used in a variety of application scenarios: logistics tracking, smart parking, smart agriculture.

Warehousing And Logistics IoT Module

ANSDEN Three challenges of LPWAN

✓ Ultra-low power consumption, battery-powered service life of 3-5 years

✓ Long-distance coverage, range 3-15km

✓ Easy to install "plug and play", the average project time is about 2 weeks

✓ Competitive ultra-low cost, 1/2 cost of similar technology

High Stability Wide Area IoT Module

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