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Miniature Precision Designed Connector Hardware And Software Circuit Board
January 29 , 2021

Ansden company is committed to the production and sales of high-end circuit boards (PCB, FPC, FPCB, PCBA). It is a professional R&D and design of High Frequency Pcb Copper Substrate, Communication High Frequency Circuit Board, multilayer boards, impedance boards, super long Ultra-thin, non-conventional medium material high-tech enterprise for SMT patch.

Copper Embedded High End Circuit Board

Flexible printed circuit board FPC, is a printed circuit board with high reliability and excellent flexibility made of polyimide or polyester film as the base material. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, and good bendability, and is widely used in many fields such as mobile phones, tablets, automobiles, drones, and medical treatment. Technological innovation and development is an eternal topic. Electronic products are constantly pursuing precision and thinness. FPC products are an irreplaceable part of products nowadays.

High Frequency Copper Substrate Pcb

Hardware And Software Circuit Board is a high-precision printed circuit board that combines flexible printed circuits and rigid printed circuits. It complements its weaknesses and has high wiring density, thin thickness, and bending resistance. At the same time, some areas have PCB rigidity , Stable characteristics, gradually applied to various high-precision technology fields.

High Frequency Pcb High End

We provide customers with one-stop services from market development, engineering design, production, quality assurance,   and after-sales service management systems: engineering design, board copying, BOM+ schematic copying, patching, and prototype confirmation.

HVAC Automotive Copper PCB

With excellent quality, Ansden is based in China and the world in the manufacturing of high-end printed circuit boards. At a faster speed, to provide global customers with high-quality high frequency Pcb high end circuit board products. While guaranteeing and continuously improving product quality, we focus on improving the production speed of high-end printed circuit boards. Under a standardized management system, we will proceed in an orderly manner and provide customers with samples within 24 hours.

Industrial Control Circuit Board Thick Copper

Fast and accurate are our characteristics. 24 hours for single and double-sided models, and multi-layer models (3-5 days). After receiving the formal order, the mass production of double-sided board is 5-6 days, and the multi-layer board is 7-9 days. (Our company is now opening dual-line production, one is a large-volume line; the other is a special express line for the development company, the fastest is 24 hours for double-sided, 48 hours for four layers, and 72 hours for six layers. The cargo rate is 100% PASS.

High End Printed Circuit Board

Ansden always puts quality first in production, and guarantees that the qualified rate of products delivered to customers is over 99.7%.

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