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High Frequency Microwave Circuit Boards Are Heating Up On The Ground In China
Jun 12, 2020

What is High Frequency? Above 300MHZ, that is, the short-wave Frequency range with a wavelength of more than 1 meter, is generally called High Frequency. The High Frequency Microwave Circuit Board is heating up on the ground in China. This new type of Circuit Board is regarded as an indispensable accessory product for the electronic information high-tech industry. Foreign experts predict that the market development of High Frequency Microwave Circuit Boards will be very fast. In the fields of communications, medical, military, automotive, computers, instruments, etc., the demand for High Frequency Microwave Circuit Boards is rapidly rising. A few years later, High Frequency Microwave Circuit Boards may account for about 15% of the total printed boards in the world. Many Printed Circuit Board companies in Taiwan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, and Japan have formulated development plans in this direction. European and American plate suppliers can provide more than 100 varieties of plate series with dielectric constants ranging from 2.10, 2.15, 2.17, ... to 4.5, and even higher. Many printed board factories of domestic radar and communication research institutes demand High Frequency Microwave Boards year by year. Domestic large-scale communication enterprises such as Huawei, Bell, and Wuhan Academy of Posts have increasingly demanded High Frequency Microwave Circuit Boards. Foreign companies engaged in High Frequency Microwave products have also moved to China to purchase Circuit Boards for High Frequency Microwave nearby. Various signs indicate that High Frequency Microwave Circuit Boards are heating up in China.

High Frequency Microwave Circuit Board 5G

Why is it hot? There are three reasons. (1) Part of the frequency bands of High Frequency communications originally used for military purposes were given to civilians (started in 1996), which greatly expanded the development of civilian High Frequency communications. In the long-distance communications, navigation, medical, transportation, transportation, warehousing and other fields show their talents. (2) High confidentiality and high transmission quality make mobile phones, car phones, and wireless communications develop towards High Frequencies, and high picture quality, enable broadcast and television transmission, and broadcast programs with VHF and UHF. The transmission of high information volume requires satellite communications, microwave communications and optical fiber communications to be High Frequency. (3) The processing power of computer technology has increased, and the capacity of information memory has increased, and the speed of signal transmission is urgently required. In short, the High Frequency and high-speed of electronic information products place high demands on the High Frequency characteristics of printed boards.

Communication High Frequency Microwave Circuit Board

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