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Intelligent Monitoring Of Future Development Trends
Jun 12, 2020

With the development of human motion analysis and other related technologies in Intelligent Monitoring, the following aspects have become the future development trend:

1. Multi-modal interface combining Audio and Vision

Researchers are gradually integrating voice and visual information to produce a more natural high-level interface. Due to the effects of Camera Resolution, computer processing power, and angle of view, multi-person tracking systems seek accurate and real-time multi-camera information fusion methods in order to complete optimized scale and wide area analysis, so that machines can better understand human communication Behavior, better integrate audio and video information for multi-modal user interface.

Audio Vision Intelligent Monitoring Camera

2. The combination of human motion analysis and biometric recognition

In applications such as access control systems in smart rooms, visual monitoring systems in military security bases, and advanced human-computer interaction, the study of the combination of human motion analysis and biometric recognition is increasingly important. In human-computer interaction, it is not only necessary for the machine to know whether a person exists, its position and behavior, but also to use feature recognition technology to identify who it is communicating with. Current research mainly focuses on human face recognition, gait recognition or specific behavior recognition. Because human gait has the advantages of being easy to perceive, non-invasive, and difficult to disguise, it has recently aroused strong research interest from computer vision researchers.

3. Behavioral understanding and description of high-level processing changes

With the help of advanced visual algorithms and artificial intelligence, the existing simple behavior recognition and semantic understanding are extended to natural language descriptions in more complex scenarios, which is to advance the low and medium-level processing of computer vision to high-level The key issue of abstract thinking.

Gait Recognition Intelligent Monitoring Camera

4. Smart video turns original video data into actionable information

Intelligent video (Intelligent Video, IV) applications have been developed from this. For example, video images of license plates can be obtained and this information digitized, and then cross-checked with the content in the database. People statistics and tripwires are other examples of smart video (IV) applications.

5. Motion detection function

The Intelligent Network Camera will never be idle, always out of alert, waiting for an action to start recording. The Motion detection function can be used for specific alarm settings to adapt to various special environments and event intensities.

Face Recognition Intelligent Monitoring Camera

The intelligent information provided by the future Monitoring System can support decision makers to make high-quality decisions in emergency situations. New business opportunities such as people counting will emerge.

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