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Intelligent Surveillance Cameras Are Widely Used
Jun 12, 2020

The Intelligent Surveillance Camera obtains the video image information of the monitoring target, monitors, records, and traces the video image, and performs corresponding actions manually or automatically according to the video image information, so as to achieve monitoring, control, and security prevention of the monitoring target And intelligent management, it has been widely used in military, customs, public security, firefighting, forestry, dams, airports, railways, ports, urban transportation and many other public places. With the advancement of technology and the reduction of costs, it has gradually spread to home security and Entertainment application.

Home Intelligent Surveillance Camera

From a functional perspective, the Intelligent Surveillance Camera can be used for security, information acquisition, command and dispatch, etc. It can provide production process control, security of large public facilities, and can also provide various services for medical monitoring and remote education.

From the perspective of application fields, smart Surveillance Cameras have been widely used in all walks of life. In addition to the monitoring and alarming of important departments such as archives, document rooms, vaults, and museums, security monitoring is performed in public places. Management and control in the field are also essential.

Wireless Intelligent Surveillance Camera

Specific application examples are:

1. Financial field: business hall monitoring, vault monitoring, ATM and self-service bank monitoring, etc.

2. Telecommunications/electricity field: remote monitoring of switch rooms, wireless equipment rooms, power equipment rooms, etc., and remote unattended monitoring of substations and power plants.

3. Commercial market: security monitoring of shopping malls, entrance and exit monitoring of supermarkets, supervision of terminals, containers, large warehouses, etc.

4. Military field: base security, police detection, prison court management, etc.

5. Transportation field: highway toll management, traffic violation and flow monitoring, public transportation vehicle license plate management, remote image monitoring of highways, bridges, railways, airports and other places.

6. Community property management: security precautions in residential areas and offices, unmanned monitoring of smart buildings and parking lots, etc.

H.265 HD Intelligent Surveillance Camera

7. Home application: Just add a USB Camera and corresponding software system to the existing home microcomputer to realize a digital home monitoring system with strong functions, low price and reliable performance. The system automatically detects the images collected at home. When an abnormality is found, it sends a short message to the phone number specified by the user through the Internet and the short message center, and sends the live image to the user by email. After receiving the short message, the user can clearly understand the situation at home by checking the Email. In addition, users can log on to the computer at home remotely when they are on a business trip to watch the security situation at home or the health of their families.

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