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1. In August 2017, cooperated with Iflytek Co., Ltd. to establish a smart robot project.


2. In August 2017, it cooperated with Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd. to establish a high-end circuit board project.

Bomin Electronics

3. In October 2018, it established a project cooperation with Shenzhen Flamingo Technology Co,. Ltd. for intelligent measurement and control.

         Flamingo Technology

4.In August 2019 Established a partnership with Moses Investment Bank.

              Moses Investment Bank

5.In October 2019, it established an intelligent module cooperation with Yancheng Hongshi Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.

             Hongshi Intelligent

6.In October 2019,it cooperated with Shenzhen Elever Internet of Things Holdings Co,. Ltd to establish elevator LCD screens.

      Elever Internet of Things

7.In October 2019, it established a security smart camera project cooperation with Shenzhen ESCAM Technology Co., Ltd.

       ESCAM Technology

8. In November 2019, it established a project cooperation with Koninklijke Philips N.V. and Shenzhen Conex Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. on smart door locks.



         Conex Intelligent

9.In December 2019, it cooperated with Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. to establish a surveillance camera project.

  Hikvision Digital

10.2019.11.Cooperated with Shenzhen Equaldo Technology Co,. Ltd. to establish a smart ecological mirror.

                    Equaldo Technology

11.In December 2019, it established a project cooperation with Skyworth Group Co., Ltd on LCD screens.


12.in June 2020 Project cooperation with Coolpad Group Limited to establish a Bluetooth speaker home theater .


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