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  • Redefine Your Full Length Mirror
    Redefine Your Full Length Mirror
    The smart mirror is equipped with an LED display module, which allows human-computer interaction to make taking pictures freely and free to switch picture modes. Support Meitu photo and 9-second video shooting, share Meitu editing with others, and customize your wardrobe management. The full-length mirror is equipped with a high-definition camera golden section design, applying human aesthetics to obtain the best shooting angle. Magic Mirror supports face recognition and voice interaction to obtain the best user experience. The phone can synchronize photos and videos in real time and share them in the circle of friends. The self-portrait mirror is designed to rotate 270 degrees to prevent foolishness, and safety considerations are everything. The 5mm thick new magic mirror glass material is more beautiful. AP direct connection or Wi-Fi connection, supports simultaneous connection of multiple people. Mobile APP shooting management, supports Android and iOS. Automatically upload photos and videos, with ping-pong effect. Shopping mall application scenarios, home application scenarios.
  • ANSDEN The Flagship Product Of Dolby Wireless Home Theater Everyone Should Have Their Own Cinema 5.1
    ANSDEN The Flagship Product Of Dolby Wireless Home Theater Everyone Should Have Their Own Cinema 5.1
    Metal one-piece molding wood grain, texture, high-end, not taking up space, everyone deserves to have their own cinema 5.1. The flagship of Dolby wireless home theater, the surround feeling is amazing, split front/rear speakers, wireless heavy bass. This sense of presence is more open, and the details of every angle are better. The surround sound field track-type speaker wirelessly connected to the host is also independent frequency division, and also saves the trouble of wiring. Long-stroke woofer, L-shaped guided acoustics, 40Hz heavy dive, clean and powerful, 6.5 inches 70W. Suspended design, atmosphere, more stand out. The front sound field of two groups of 3 speakers, 20-core silk film tweeter, independent frequency division. The sound quality has strong analytical power, great dynamics, and full sense of presence. Dual Ti power amplifier, good sound quality, comes from professional and powerful "core". 3 channels of DSP audio processing, meticulously crafted, the cinema feel is even better. 5.8G anti-interference wireless, transmission is more stable, and the delay is as low as 20 milliseconds. Wireless heavy bass, placed at will. It's round shape and looks pretty everywhere.
  • ANSDEN Ecological Smart Mirror Experience Scene
    ANSDEN Ecological Smart Mirror Experience Scene
    One Mirror, multifaceted life. At rest, like a normal Mirror, you can dress it up. When awakened, he transforms into an Intelligent interaction center and becomes life housekeeper and Intelligent assistant in family life.News, weather, road conditions, and schedules can be seen on the Magic Mirror at a glance, and can be displayed in real time and warmly reminded of matters needing attention. Experience scene of Ecological Smart Mirror,Used for dressing table, bathroom, kitchen, balcony and entrance. Intelligent entrance mirror, used in family living room.Enter intelligent control center, information display center, road condition query, weather forecast, video call. Smart bathroom mirror, used in residential, hotel and public spaces.Enter smart bathroom control platform, schedule management, weather forecast, travel information management, real-time news and health services. Smart beauty mirrors, used in home dressers and beauty institutions.Enter beauty tutorials, virtual trials, skin management, intelligent skin beauty equipment aggregation, cloud platform data analysis, skin care beauty makeup e-commerce. Intelligent linkage, smart life. Linking smart home appliances in the home, you can easily control lights, music, air and hot water through touch or voice.

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