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The AI ​​Wave Has Spawned New Growth Points In The Market
Nov 09, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) chips are the key infrastructure supporting the development of artificial intelligence technology and industry, and have an important strategic position. At present, artificial intelligence technology and industry continue to develop at a high speed, and a technology industry ecology consisting of chips, data, development frameworks, algorithms, and applications has basically formed.

Artificial Intelligence Chips Companies In China

The scale of the artificial intelligence chip industry is growing rapidly. The wave of artificial intelligence development has given birth to new growth points in the chip market. The artificial intelligence chip market maintains strong growth capabilities. According to IDC data, the global overall AI chip market reached US$4 billion in 2017. By 2022, the overall AI chip market size will be Reached 35.2 billion U.S. dollars, and the CAGR was greater than 55%.

China’s artificial intelligence chip market is also developing well. According to the “China Artificial Intelligence Chip Industry Development White Paper” released by the research data agency CCID Consulting at the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, China’s AI chip market continued to maintain rapid growth in 2018. The market scale reached 8.008 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 50.2%. Affected by many favorable factors such as the macro policy environment, technological progress and upgrading, and the popularization of artificial intelligence applications, China's AI chip market will further mature. It is estimated that in the next 5 years, the scale of China's chip market will maintain a growth rate of 40%-50%. In 2024, the market will reach 78.5 billion.

Artificial Intelligence Chips Research Companies

At present, artificial intelligence chip products mainly cover three areas: cloud training, cloud reasoning, and terminal reasoning.

In the field of cloud training, model training needs to achieve high-performance, high-precision, and general computing capabilities. Nvidia has an absolute advantage in the cloud training market with its GPU industry ecology. Google and Intel develop ASIC chips to challenge;

In the field of cloud reasoning, energy-efficient GPUs, FPGAs, and ASICs have become the layout schemes of various enterprises. Google, Intel, Xilinx and other manufacturers have laid out their plans, and the future market structure is undecided;

In the field of terminal reasoning, chips need to meet the needs of differentiated scenarios such as low latency or low power consumption. There are many market segments. ASIC chips have gradually become the mainstream path. Image recognition and speech recognition are key application areas. Participants include not only Qualcomm, Intel , NVIDIA and other traditional chip giants, as well as new entrants such as Google, HiSilicon, Cambrian, and Horizon.

Artificial Intelligence ASIC PCB Companies

AI chip application innovation is active, and a wider range of applications have been achieved in cloud computing, autonomous driving, smart security, smart phones and other fields, and the future market prospects are broad.

In the field of cloud computing, GPU still dominates the market, but its market share will gradually decline. At present, GPU dominates the cloud training market due to factors such as good versatility, strong performance, excellent programming environment, and mature ecology. However, GPUs have problems such as high investment and R&D costs and difficult ecological construction. Google, Microsoft, Huawei, Baidu, etc. Domestic and foreign technology companies have begun to try to deploy cloud-specific chips to improve efficiency and seize the market.

At present, Google's ASIC architecture chip TPU3.0 has a computing power of 90TELOPS and a power consumption of only 200W. In the future, such as Google TPU3.0, which can effectively reduce energy consumption, save deployment costs, improve ease of development, and inherit the high-performance, versatile programmable ASIC chip and supporting development platform of the GPU will become the development trend of cloud AI chips.

Artificial Intelligence Chips PCB Company

In the field of autonomous driving, the demand for main control chip computing power continues to grow, driving the further expansion of the automotive AI chip market. In recent years, car companies have set their sights on higher-level autonomous driving technology. The penetration rate of high-level autonomous driving has gradually increased. The autonomous driving market has continued to expand. The demand for automotive chip computing power for autonomous driving has increased exponentially, and traditional MCUs have been unable to do so. , High-performance dedicated automotive artificial intelligence chips usher in opportunities.

In terms of products, Nvidia, Intel and other companies have launched high-computing power (above 100TOPS) master chips for advanced autonomous driving in recent years. my country’s Huawei MDC600 and Black Sesame Technology Huashan No. 2 have all reached 100TOPS and above, which can meet Autonomous driving requirements above L3 level. As cars enter the era of high-level autonomous driving above the L3 level, it is difficult for distributed electronic systems to efficiently integrate and process large and diverse sensor data. The processing process will rely on the coordination and cooperation of CPU, GPU, FPGA, etc. In the future, mainstream core processing chips in the industry will mostly adopt SoC design, integrating artificial intelligence computing processing units such as GPU and AI accelerator.

Biggest Artificial Intelligence Chips Companies

The demand in the field of intelligent security is the most clear, the technology and commercial implementation is fast, and the market capacity is large. The security market is the most certain market for artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence applications represented by image recognition and video processing are fully affecting the security industry. Among them, artificial intelligence chips are the core support. The security artificial intelligence chip market shows rapid development of technology and commercial implementation. Features of large capacity.

The smart security industry has many participants, a large market, and a long track. The threshold of each link is low, and the ecology is relatively open. my country has built a relatively complete industrial ecology, with domestic companies deeply participating in all links of the industry. Among them, HiSilicon has brought With more than 20 types of IPC chips, it once accounted for more than 70% of the domestic IPC chip market. In the future, "cloud-side integration" puts forward higher requirements for the computing capabilities of front-end equipment, and cost, efficiency, and power consumption are key issues.

With Artificial Intelligence Security Camera

In the field of smart phones, artificial intelligence chips bring changes to the smart phone market. The global smart phone market still maintains a high shipment volume, which brings a larger market space for mobile artificial intelligence chips, and the application of artificial intelligence chips also brings new growth space to the smartphone market.

In the future, the proportion of smartphone shipments equipped with artificial intelligence chips will continue to increase, and domestic mobile phone manufacturers will usher in new development opportunities. Although traditional smart phones can run artificial intelligence applications, they cannot meet the higher-level needs of users in terms of fluency and energy consumption. Creating an AI phone recognized by the market has become the next round of competition for mobile phone manufacturers. Qualcomm, Giant manufacturers such as Apple and Huawei have played a leading role in this, launching high-end processors such as the Snapdragon 855, A13, and Kirin 990, respectively, actively promoting the landing of AI mobile phones.

Top Artificial Intelligence Chips Companies

At the current stage of industrial development, China’s artificial intelligence application market is huge, and intelligent applications such as smart terminals, intelligent security, and autonomous driving are getting deeper into life. The artificial intelligence industry ecosystem is in a stage of accelerating completion, and it is an artificial intelligence basic industry represented by artificial intelligence chips. Created a huge space for development.

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