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This Time Apple Launched The 4399 AirPods Max Is It Worth The Money
Dec 21, 2020

A few days ago, Apple introduced the new wireless over-ear headphones AirPods Max. This headset with high-fidelity audio, adaptive equalizer, active noise reduction and spatial audio is priced at US$549 in the United States and 4399 yuan in China. Orders are now available on Apple's official website and Apple Store applications, and shipments will begin on December 15. It just caters to the Christmas holiday.

In terms of color matching, AirPods Max offers five colors of space gray, silver, sky blue, green and pink. Pink is simply a Christmas gift harvester.

Apple AirPods Max Bluetooth Microphone

The black technology of AirPods Max

Apple's official information. This headset uses a "breathable knitted mesh" that spans the stainless steel headband to distribute weight and reduce overhead pressure. Acoustic engineering memory foam is used on the earmuffs.

In terms of core sound quality, AirPods Max uses Apple’s self-designed 40mm dynamic driver. According to Apple, this unit can provide "rich, deep bass, accurate midrange, and clear and clean high frequency extension."

Automatic Detection 3D Surround Bluetooth Speakers

This headset is characterized by Apple's H1 chip and computing audio.

Each earmuff has three outward microphones to detect environmental noise, and a microphone in the earmuff can monitor the sound reaching the listener's ears. Then the data collected by these microphones is sent to the H1 chip for calculation, so as to achieve the effect of reducing noise.

The H1 chip also provides an adaptive equalizer, active noise reduction, transparent mode and spatial audio for the headset. Using the gyroscope and accelerometer in AirPods Max and iPhone or iPad, H1 can track the movement of the user's head and the device, compare the movement data, and then remap the sound field to fix it on the device to ensure the user's sound field is consistent.

Apple AirPods Max HiFi Audio

In terms of calls, Apple designed beamforming microphones for AirPods Max’s Siri and voice calls, which can block ambient noise and focus on the user’s voice to improve clarity.

AirPods Max also has built-in optical and position sensors, which can automatically detect when the headset is worn on someone's head. Once put on, AirPods Max will play audio, once removed, or when the user lifts an earmuff, the playback can be paused.

It should be said that the functions provided by Apple's AirPods Max are unmatched by other HIFI headsets.

Apple AirPods Max H1 Chip

Is AirPods Max worth it?

Judging from the current news, AirPods Max is likely to be Goertek's foundry or provide the core audio technology. Compared with traditional HIFI headset manufacturers, the accumulation of audio may be insufficient.

But this product itself is revolutionary. In terms of audio, digital and technology can do many things. A long, long time ago, there were digital calculations for various sound effects, but these things were on computers. Later, on the mobile phone, the chip is now powerful enough to be calculated on the headset.

And now the sensors are cheap, and Apple uses enough microphones to collect data and realize calculations. This approach is feasible.

In this way, through digital adjustment, users do not have to worry about the ultimate quality of the unit.

This thing is similar to the computational photography of mobile phones. If the mobile phone has enough computing power, you can change the way to take pictures.

Best Dolby Atmos Bluetooth Speakers

The sound quality is still blindly listening and breaking metaphysics. Earphones and Bluetooth speakers have always been areas where the IQ tax rate is relatively high. Brand, appearance, and psychological effects are all high.

It's not that expensive headphones are good, nor are headphones with good technical specifications for you. Hold familiar music without looking at the equipment and listen blindly. Whichever one is good will suit your ears. This earphone, whether you listen to sound like Tianlai or Shit, is normal. Everyone has different hearing.

Therefore, whether AirPods Max is value for money, the ears have the final say.

Ansden Bluetooth Speaker With Lights

AirPods Max will bring high profits to Apple

Although Apple has said a lot of technology, the cost of this thing is estimated to be low. The cost of supply chain for Chinese companies (www.ansden.com)will not be high. The profit margin must be very high.

The headset has a certain display effect, Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day gifts are good gifts. Therefore, this product will definitely bring huge sales and profits to Apple, which is beyond the reach of traditional headset manufacturers and other mobile phone manufacturers.

Based on mobile phones, Apple has formed a sufficiently mature routine to use high-profit peripherals to make money. This is true for watches and headphones.

These kinds of things are all displayed outside, and the high price will bring the role of identity tags. Apple's black technology can also bring the image of a technology expert.

Therefore, AirPods Max will definitely bring high profits to Apple.

Apple Wireless Headphones AirPods Max

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