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Water Pump Monitoring of Shenzhen Water Affairs Bureau Smart Industrial Transformation
Feb 10, 2021

Flexible Sensor Label Manufacturer

• There are 23 pumps in Shenzhen Songgang Seismic Pumping Station, through ANSDEN AIoT fault monitoring solution, monitor the current, vibration and temperature of the water pump, the fault prediction and pump abnormal information are sent to the duty staff and management personnel through the PC terminal and mobile phone APP terminal for timely processing and early prevention, and the information is synchronized to the supervisory unit.

• Equipped with AI artificial intelligence on the front IoT Module Artificial Intelligence Sensor, realize low-power edge computing, predictive maintenance, no wiring, realize low-cost and rapid transformation.

High Stability Wide Area IoT Module

• Real-time diagnosis, online physical examination:

➢ Pump start and stop

➢ Abnormal shutdown

• Remote diagnosis, fault warning:

➢ Early warning before failure occurs

➢ Alarm immediately after failure

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